Business Program Externs and Interns Gain Real-World Experience

Posted by on April 13, 2012


Dave Erickson, Business Program Chair, hopes many students will take advantage of business internships and externships in the future.

This Spring term, Minnesota School of Business – Blaine campus’s Business Program’s first two Hospitality Management Externs (HI475), and second Business Intern (BS498), are gaining valuable experience with Twin Cities-area employers. These experiences will contribute to their professional development, and prepare them for their future careers in the business field.

The student Externs/Intern are the latest to go out for this invaluable, career-based experience since our first BS498 student Intern completed her experience one year ago at her current job.  She graduated from MSB Blaine in Early Fall 2011, and is positioning herself to move up the management ladder with her current employer.  According to Dave Erickson, Business Program Chair, “Our program expects an increasing number of Business students, majoring in a variety of emphases, to take advantage of this career-ready opportunity as they close in on their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Management and Hospitality Management Programs.”

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