Business Partners Discuss Program Curriculum

Posted by on April 13, 2012

As we look around at the world today, everything changes so fast. Computers, phones, televisions, etc. It seems that nothings stays the same for any significant length of time.

College education is no different in this matter. As the world of business changes to adapt, the business program at Minnesota School of Business (MSB) will adapt as well.

They do this by finding industry leaders and business professionals that are willing to help out. Why not find out from the employers hiring graduates as to what they are looking for in future hires.

Earlier this week, the Lakeville and Richfield campuses got together and held a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting. They discussed the current curriculum and discussed if any changes need to be made. After all the campuses compile the data, they will put it all together and discuss any possible changes to the program.

“Thank you fo inviting me to the PAC,” stated Neil Lee, Chief Financial Officer at Loffler and a MSB alumni. “It was insightful to be involved in the process of reviewing the curriculum.”

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.