Program Chairs Educate High School Students

Posted by on April 11, 2012


Pam Renkel, MA program chair, and Hayley Cluever, VT program chair, restrain Stella, as a visiting student listens intently for her heart beat.

When ten students from Lisa Reudy’s class at Chanhassen High School woke up this morning, they had no idea their day would involve making an orange “cry”,  or listening to a heart murmur in the resident veterinarian’s own dog. Chris Slagle, high school admissions consultant and program chairs Pam Renkel (Medical Assisting), Hayley Cluever (Veterinary Technology) made sure the students’ stomachs were well-fed, as well as their brains, during the informational “Lunch and Learn” on campus.

Pam Renkel posed the question, “Why do we give vaccines?” After some discussion, she then distributed oranges to each student, as well as a needle with a safety cap. Pam explained the proper safety handling and disposal procedures.  When the students plunged and removed the needle from the orange, some had orange juice squirting or “crying” from the peel.

Said Pam, “The need for medical assistants is expected to increase by 31% over the next ten years due to an aging population. The career is multi-faceted and very valuable to medical offices.”

Hayley Cluever brought Stella, Dr. Stacie Seymour’s own dog, to demonstrate proper restraint and allow the students a chance to listen to Stella’s heart murmur. “Animal restraint is one of the most important things we teach here,” said Hayley. “I have never been bitten because of skilled restraint.” She handed the students her own stethoscope and encouraged them to move the instrument around until they had a strong read on the “whooshing” sound from Stella’s heart.

Hayley restrains Stella, as a visiting high school student listens for her heart murmur.

Chris wrapped the visit up with a campus tour, and just like that-Chanhassen students were out the door and back on their bus for school.


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