Have You Heard the Word? Career Readiness is Coming to a Classroom Near You!

Posted by on April 11, 2012

As a career college, our goal is to provide students with all of the necessary skills to obtain a career in their field of study after graduation.  Yes, this includes the skills needed to perform your career of choice; however, what many students and other colleges don’t realize is the importance of teaching students how to prepare a resume, what to say in an interview, how to follow up after an interview, how to search for jobs, what networking is all about and more!

Minnesota School of Business has always understood the need to teach these skills to our students; however, these skills have only been taught in a final course called Career Development.  We see the need for students to start developing these skills early-on, so moving forward, students will experience pieces of career development throughout their entire program- not just a final class.

Students will start seeing topics of career readiness in their classes this quarter!  Topics could include career seeking, career speaking, career writing and career development.

A goal has been set for every new student to have a resume prepared by the end of their first quarter.  Want to get a head start?  Start working with career services today!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.