Student Externships Prove to be Beneficial for Graduate Employment

Posted by on April 6, 2012

Written by Melissa Young, Associate Director of Career Services

As students enter their final quarters of their programs with the Minnesota School of Business, many have the opportunity to showcase their skills by way of an externship. These on-the-job experiences allow for students to become more comfortable with the skills they have obtained while pursuing a Veterinary Technology, Paralegal, Medical Assistant or Massage Therapy degree.

The Winter Quarter externs proved to be quite successful in their skills and communication with their externship sites, as 14 of 16 of March graduates completing externships obtained either part-time or full-time employment through their sites.

From a career services perspective, an externship opportunity is comparable to a very long job interview. Employers are able to evaluate a student’s skills and professionalism over the course of the externship, while the student gains valuable work experience. The experience will help build their resume whether they receive continued employment with the organization or not.

Although not all programs at Minnesota School of Business include an externship, opportunities are out there for most programs offered at Minnesota School of Business. Students who are seeking internship and externship opportunities should contact their program chair to inquire about positions that may be available.

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