Ewww…What IS that?

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Medical Assisting students react to the bacterial growth in commons objects around campus

As part of their service and applied learning project,  medical assisting students Adam Clark, Andrea Perez-Lujan, Tara Lindemann, Kristen Stresnak and Diane Weikle wanted to see if and what bacteria would grow from the many common areas on campus. Julie Effertz’ Urinalysis/Microbiology  class swabbed 16 different places/surfaces on campus, plated the samples on blood agar, incubated it for 48 hours and viewed the bacteria growth.

Keyboard swab and bacteria growth

The group then researched infection control to advise their fellow students on how to prevent infection as well as how to clean various items to limit infection from bacteria. Pictures were taken of the plates and put on poster boards to present to their fellow students on campus.  Along with the pictures, they gave hints and tips on how to clean various items and help to prevent infection.

Copier swab and bacteria growth

Says Julie,”The class was totally amazed on the growth of bacteria in certain places.  It made them aware of the bacteria present on various surfaces and this is what they wanted to present to the other students.  “The class’ reaction to the growth made a huge impact on them.”

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