David’s Did You Know On Textbook Savings

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Did you know you can buy your books outside of Minnesota School of Business?

About two months ago I wrote a blog about saving money on books by getting perfect attendance.  Last night I had a conversation with a student that made me really excited.
When I asked him what books he needed prior to making his payment he said none
and that he had gotten them through Amazon and had 2 of them on his Kindle and
has rented them as well in the past!  I knew this technology was out there and text books could be bought for use on devices like the Kindle, but this was the first student to tell me about his experience.

I asked him to write a little bit about his experience and here it is:

“I started saving money on textbooks by purchasing them through Amazon.com. The
new and used book prices were consistently lower than what I was seeing each quarter on campus. Amazon has offered a promotion called “Amazon student” which offers free 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime eligible textbooks, which helped me save further.
However, after needing to lug around some bulkier books a few quarters ago I
looked into the Kindle edition on Amazon.com.

Amazon offers the Kindle app on numerous platforms including Windows, Mac OS, iOS,
Android as well as their Kindle tablets. Amazon offers book rentals as well so a textbook can be rented for 90 days after which time the access to the book either lapses or it can be purchased for the difference in the remaining price. This has been a huge help when money was tight at the beginning of a quarter.”

Now, in my humble opinion this is one crafty, smart, and resourceful student and my kudos go out to him.  You know who you are and I thank you for the story.

A short list of other sites you can use to search for books using the book’s ISBN# are:

On the Financial Aid Board outside the library, we have a larger list that could aid you in your searching as well!  Enjoy!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.