Better World Books

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Angie Fein, bookstore manager at MSB-Rochester, received this nice email reply from Better World Books, after MSB-Rochester’s book donation was received.
Hi Angie,At this very moment, our warehouse is filled with books waiting for their chance to make an impact on global literacy.  Better World Books employees are working in multiple shifts to constantly send orders out the door and add more books to our shelves, and we’ve raised more than $10 million in support of literacy initiatives around the world!

Here’s a fun fact: We just received a batch of books from you! These books are about to join our happy family of books ready to be sold at and re-enter the world.

Did you just get goosebumps on your arm and butterflies in your stomach? Well, that would be the amazing feeling of pride welling up inside you. Pride that you have done a good deed. You collected books that were once doomed to gather dust on a shelf, sit woefully untouched in an attic, or end up in a landfill. These books will now have a chance to find a happy new home, and their sale will help promote literacy!

Thanks again for your support of our mission to promote global literacy!


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