Welcome to Spring Quarter 2012

Posted by on April 2, 2012

At the Lakeville Campus, we would like to welcome you to a new quarter. We have a caring staff and faculty that take pride in making sure you are successful. As long as you give it 100%, we will make sure you get the help you need to succeed. We are very excited to be a part of your journey to your next professional goals!  We have a variety of resources available to you:

Campus Communication:  There are many events that take place throughout the quarter. Keep your eyes peeled while out and about the campus for flyers. There is everything from a quick activity of making a card for a soldier to free food on special days. Make sure to participate in these events to have a little fun and make some great connections.  Our Facebook page and blog are great resources for campus news and events as well.

Staff dedicated to your success: Your hard work and commitment are key to your success and we want you to know that we are all here to support you!  We know you are balancing many responsibilities and your instructors and the staff are happy to work with you in many ways.  Whether it is asking questions, getting advice, taking advantage of free tutoring, mapping out your graduation plan, getting help with housing, daycare or other resources… please, come to us and let us know how we can help.  Your success is our success.

Committed Faculty:  When class content is a challenge, the first step is to talk to your instructor. The faculty take pride in your success, so go to them for assistance. They may refer you to the various academic labs on campus or peer tutoring. The school offers math labs, writing labs, accounting labs, and even specific subject labs if needed. There is also peer tutoring available. Contact Jon, Elise, or Krista in the Academic Department if you are interested in these services.

Campus Library:  The library is on the 2nd floor at the top of the stairs. Our librarian, Jason is our resident expert in all things research, writing and proper citation. He loves to help and has some fun events planned this quarter, including a book club!  Stop by to say hi and find out more about how he support your success.

Online Resources:  Campus Connect includes excellent resources including your college email account, classroom resources, grading and helpdesk resources. If you find challenges with technology, the helpdesk should be your first call. You can find helpdesk
information online at: http://www.msbcollege.edu/helpdesk/ or 612-332-8000

Quick note about severe weather: We have had beautiful weather so far this year, but in Minnesota, you never know what you going to get. It is highly unusual for our schools to close due to any weather conditions, unless they are exceptionally severe.  In the event of severe weather conditions throughout the year, make sure to tune in to the local news stations to see if the school is closed for the day.  In the rare situation that we do choose to close the campus due to severe weather, we will be listed along with the public school closings on the streaming bar on the bottom of the television screen.  We also recognize that it is every individual’s personal responsibility to determine personal safety during severe weather.  If you determine that it is unsafe for you to attend school, please do call the campus to alert the education team to your absence.

We look forward to seeing you on campus and have a great quarter!


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.