Surveys, Surveys, and More Surveys

Posted by on March 30, 2012

Students perform a business survey for the City of Lakeville

For many quarters, the students and Minnesota School of Business Lakeville have been putting together and performing a survey. This survey is being used to understand the business climate in Lakeville.

The city originally was going to contract this survey to a private company to perform. By having the students do this, it reduced the city budget by $45,000.

The survey started off taking nearly an hour for a business to complete. The students were getting pushed away from many businesses because of that. During this past quarter, the Business Communication students chopped the survey down to only taking ten to fifteen minutes.

The survey asks general questions about their business such as whether they own or lease their building. The more important questions came later. Those asked about expansion and relocation possibilities. There were also many questions that addressed the environment of Lakeville. This included highways, crime rates, and government relations.

Seven businesses said that they would consider moving out of Lakeville for reasons such as tax increases and cost of rent increases. This is important information for the city to be looking at.

“We want to know why businesses stay and why businesses leave,” stated Jack Matasosky from Appro Development and the Lakeville Economic Development Commission. “We will be able to use this information to make Lakeville attractive to the business community.”

The Business Communication students did a great job of getting feedback from the community this quarter. The students in upcoming classes will continue to give this survey to business as part of their curriculum. This project teaches students the importance of communication and customer service. They will get to use this project to enhance the textbook learning into real world skills.

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