Promoting Hill Day

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Over the Winter 2012 quarter, the Writing for Media class at the Brooklyn Center campus chose to create promotional videos for the annual Hill Day at the State Capitol for a service/applied learning project.  Three short videos were created and published on the Brooklyn Center MSB Facebook page with two ideas in mind: remind students that Hill Day was quickly approaching and convince students to register to attend the event.  These videos helped to draw in 16 students to attend the event.

On February 14, the students headed down to the State Capitol.  The day began with the students meeting the President of MNSCU as well as various lobbyists.  Students heard about the current state of education in Minnesota and what is currently going on in Legislature.  From there, students had the option of wandering around the grounds to watch and listen to anything and everything.

Mandi Lynn Watson, a student in the Media class, was one of the students who attended Hill Day.  She spoke to several environmentalists, watched protesters both inside and outside the building, and listened to debates about health care issues and school funding.  Watson helped put together a fourth video to show other students just some of what her class experienced.  Over an hour of footage was shot on the students’ personal I-Phones and then crunched down into about two minutes.  The video highlights some of the favorite events of the day: wandering the grounds, seeing the barbershop, and finding an underground tunnel that took students from one building to another.

Students were able to apply the skills acquired in the class to create the final video.  Using the program I-Movie, students learned additional pieces about visual effects, sound effects, and voice overs.

Bard Meier, Music Business Chair, and Ryan Samuelson, Criminal Justice Chair, attended with the students and were pleased with the student turnout and professionalism that they had to offer.

Hill Day Highlights

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