Tornados in Horse Country

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Last month’s swarm of tornados that swept across Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio caused massive devastation in the Ohio River Valley area and took over three dozen human lives.  The news was full of incredibly sad stories of injuries and deaths.  Our hearts go out to the residents of these areas as they try to adjust to a ripped-apart world.

For veterinarians and veterinary technicians, however, we also share the heartbreak of the many dead, injured, or lost pets in the area.  We know only too well how much the comfort of a beloved pet can help in times of crises.

Kentucky was especially hard hit.  And Kentucky is possibly best-known for its horse industry.  That industry was not spared as tornados hit in multiple locations in the Bluegrass.  The stable area at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, sustained damage to several barns.  One twister hit the farm of William and Rhonda McCardle (no relation to this writer), flattening a barn and killing 15 of their horses.  Many other horses in the Kentucky/Indiana area were killed or badly injured.

While the inside of a barn may seem like a better place for horses in a lightning or hailstorm, it is a very bad place for horses if a tornado hits.  You can read more on this topic at .

The Kentucky Horse Council has marshaled all available resources to assist horse owners affected by these storms.  Temporary shelters have been set up to house horses found loose until they can be reunited with their owners.  To read more about how the KHC is helping horses affected by this disaster, or to make a donation, go to .

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