Local Organization Blows the Socks off College Staff

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Storehouse shows Minnesota School of Business employees how they are making a difference in local families lives

Seven Minnesota School of Business employees spent their morning volunteering at a local organization that focuses on providing high-end household items to low-income families.

Lynne Hendrick, Ronnie Kankaala, Shelby Nafus and Doni Deters

The organization, Storehouse, partners with retailers to provide items like sheets, blankets, towels, appliances and home décor at no cost to families who otherwise couldn’t afford those types of items.  Items available are typically clearance, returned, slightly damaged or overstock items that major retailers want to unload.

“I couldn’t believe the quality of the products at the Storehouse,” said MSB employee David Stelten.  “There were several items that I would have wanted to purchase myself.”

Cindy Johnson and Michelle Rosas folding sheets

Storehouse manager, Anne Nelson,talked to the group about the mission of the warehouse, how it operates and the people it helps.  She explained that only families who have been referred to the Storehouse by a community member may benefit from its services.

Nelson quickly put the group to work sorting sheets and comforters by size, matching curtains and doing some minor repairs.

Overall, the group said they were impressed with the organization and the products they are giving away.

“Shopping here has got to be a confidence booster for people that don’t have a lot of money,” said MSB employee Shelby Nafus.  “These are items you can be proud to have.”

The Storehouse opened in 2011 and operates under Rivercenter, Inc., a Christian-based international network created by Chuck and Kathi Ripka.

MSB Employees at Storehouse

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