Top Free App Choices for Vet Tech

Posted by on March 13, 2012

While observing her students, a program chair notices that most of her students have smart phones. She came up to me and asked if I would do a short feature on phone applications for veterinary technology students.

With my vast knowledge in the veterinary technology skills (just kidding), I asked her to give me the top apps that she would see students utilizing.

A phone application is similar to a computer program, except they are utilized on smart phones, such as the IPhone or Android.

Here are Teresa’s Top Free Veterinary Technology App choices:

Veterinary Excellence Tool by Norbrook Laboratories Ltd.

This app features information on animal health pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. These products listed can be for Pet, Farm, and Equine animals. This information is very detailed and can be sent to your email for future reference. They provide information about the dosage, uses, warnings, and other information about each product.



Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP Vet) by North American Compendiums

This app features over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and parasiticide product monographs. They list over 200 manufacturers with contact information.




PetVet by NBC Universal, Inc.

This app lets you diagnose your pet’s symptoms. You
enter the symptoms and search for possible causes that are listed from ASPCA experts. They also give possible treatments for the condition. It even includes a veterinary clinic finder to get your animal to the nearest facility.




Veterinary Formulary by Media Marketers

This app features many pharmaceutical mediations used for equine and small animals. It contains information about the drug. At the bottom of each description, there is a dosage calculator you can use to figure out how much to give the animal.

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