Perspectives on being a diabetic.

Posted by on March 8, 2012

During Wellness Week at Minnesota School of Business, students heard two perspectives on living with diabetes.

 Dennis, a faculty member and Ashley, a nursing student shared their life with diabetes. Ashley even demonstrated how to change her insulin pump!

 Here are their stories:



My name is Ashley and I am a first-year Nursing Student at the Minnesota School of Business (MSB), Richfield Campus.   I began my medical journey at a very young age; twelve years old and all too acquainted with the medical environment.  I was diagnosed with the childhood-onset of Type I (insulin-dependent) Diabetes.  My diagnosis gave me a shove into the unfamiliar medical environment which I would grow to love.

 I found it challenging to learn about my new condition as it is so complicated, but my medical providers took the time to make my experience a positive one.  Many hours of education and instruction gave me the tools to effectively and appropriately live my life as a healthy Type I Diabetic.  With the help of my nurses, I was able to formulate a routine and incorporate healthy eating, exercise, and insulin maintenance skills into my life.  These skills are important as maintaining good control is necessary to feel good and make daily activities manageable.

 The care I received throughout my medical journey has given me an undisputable passion for nursing.  I feel a great desire to help others and contribute to their wellness.  I am an advocate for preventative care, education, and emphasize the importance of exercise and mental health.  I also enjoy working with people who are working toward a wellness goal.  The Minnesota School of Business has given me the opportunity to speak about the insulin pump in controlling Type I Diabetes and educate on the developing technology.  I am thankful for numerous opportunities at MSB and look forward to practicing as a Baccalaureate Prepared Nurse, dedicating my professional life to making the health of others, and myself, a priority.

 From Dennis:

I have been a diabetic for 15 years-10 on pills and 5 on insulin.  I never really took it serious-it was like I was watching a movie and observing the results.  Now I feel like an actor in the movie.  Why?  3 months ago I had an amputation on my foot and last week I had corrective surgery on the rest of the foot.

 With all the modern medicines it is not like it used to be. You can almost eat anything in moderation.  The key is discipline and set-up mini awards for you.

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