Why We Blog-Blogs by the Numbers

Posted by on March 7, 2012

Campus, program blogs offer rich content for 44,000 February visitors
Did you know that GEN campuses and programs have their own blogs? Our communications/community relations specialists and network deans create content for blogs that are located on our main websites (msbcollege.edu, globeuniversity.edu, and ipr.edu). These blogs attracted 44,059 visitors in February.
By the Numbers
In February, the main blog sites had:
  • Globe: 7,866 visitors and 147 posts
  • MSB: 4,045 visitors and 181 posts
  • IPR: 30,815 visitors and 15 posts
About 70 percent of visitors to all four sites in February were new visitors.
 Their Purpose
The blogs and their content create value for GEN. They:
  • Build awareness of our brands, campuses and programs
  • Showcase our hands-on education through service and applied learning stories
  • Create a voice and identity for each campus that helps attract new students
  • Connect campuses with their communities
  • Recognize students, staff and faculty accomplishments
  • Present program deans as thought leaders and industry experts
  • Communicate with our many stakeholders
Pulled from the Headlines
Recent blog posts include:

Where to Find Them

You can access the blogs from several locations:
  • Homepages: Left side of the websites’ homepages under “From the Campus Blogs”
  • Campus web pages: Go to the “locations” section from the homepage and then click on a specific campus
  • Program-specific web pages: program blogs are on each program’s web page
  • IPR’s blogs are accessible at ipr.edu/student-life/
Our “bloggers” post new information daily, so be sure to visit the blogs often to get the latest campus and program news!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.