US Marine Improves Living Quarters and Morale.

Posted by on March 5, 2012

Brandon Athey, a student in Global Citizenship, chose a project where he knew could make a difference.  Brandon chose to coordinate a project on Camp Pendleton to improve the living quarters of soldiers.  To date, Brandon and 300 volunteers have repainted and remodeled 3 barracks.  A barrack consists of approximately 456 rooms, 3 laundry rooms, and 3 recreation rooms.  Brandon also took the initiative to speak with the commands of those barracks in order to purchase pool tables and televisions for the recreation rooms.

Brandon has seen this project grow and also seen the positive affect on soldier’s morale.  The volunteer events end with a cook-out where the soldiers are able to enjoy each other’s company  and develop relationships that might not have occurred without the remodeling project.  Brandon states, “I am learning that an individual can have a
huge impact.”  Through Brandon’s efforts, he has been able to connect with soldiers and military leaders to create a better environment for those that give so much of themselves.

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