MSB College Fashion Show Carries Important Career Message

Posted by on March 1, 2012

MSB College Fashion Show Carries Important Career Message

(ABC 6 NEWS) — The saying goes you can never make a second first impression and as more companies begin to hire that couldn’t be more true. When interviewing wearing a three piece suit to a farm makes about as much sense as wearing work boots and jeans to an office. Those kinds of fashion faux pas are why the Minnesota School of Business (MSB) put on their first informational fashion show.

“When you go to a business you’ve only got one chance to impress someone,” says 19 year old, Calvin Keckhafer. He won’t be in business school until July but knows you got to dress for success.

If you don’t have your shirt or shoes un-tucked shows how tidy you are or how much attention you serve to detail,” says Keckhafer.

“You have about 3 to 5 seconds when you first meet [an] employer when they actually judge you,” says MSB’s career services’ assistant director, Alison Streiff. She says when it comes to a job interview there’s no such thing as being fashionably late, but it’d be made worse by being unfashionable.

“Definitely for girls or women – not wearing low cut shirts, shorts, skirts. For guys making sure your belt and your shoes match so one’s not brown, one’s not black. And just making sure you don’t have a lot of jewelry or perfume on as well,” advises Streiff.

One of the show’s models and MSB student, Samantha Hoover, says a lack of style may also point out other shortcomings.

“Lacking the skills for the job like you’re not ready,” says Hoover.

According to the Workforce Development Center, the number of jobs available in Minnesota is up by nearly 50 percent from last year. Something Keckhafer says means you better dress to impress.

“It wouldn’t make you feel very comfortable if you didn’t see a professional dressed like a professional,” says Keckhafer.


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