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Posted by on February 29, 2012

Digital Video student,  Kerri Kleinschmidt needs our help to raise funds for her film, Moving On….Mid-Life Dating.  The film’s Main Website:

You can donate here:

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Lets pass this on to our friends and like her Facebook page to help out Kerri Kleinschmidt! This film is sure to be hilarious!

Movie Synopsis

Taking experience to the screen with a humorous twist, this short student film production will demonstrate how a single mother takes the opportunity to change the course of her life instead of wallowing in self pity over the loss of her previous one. Married half her life, Judy finds herself in the world of dating, going to college for the first time, and working a full time job while trying to adapt to a different life than the one she had been living and working towards. New to dating after 30 years, Judy, the main character, finds herself on a succession of dates that will make you laugh… or make your hair curl.

This short movie takes your emotions for a roller coaster ride that ranges from anger, to fear, to hold-your-ribs funny. The outrageous (and all-too-familiar) scenarios come one after the other.

Starting over isn’t easy, but if you keep a sense of humor, it can be interesting, educational, and downright funny.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.