MSB Richfield Launches Significant Service Learning Partnership With CES

Posted by on February 29, 2012

In recent months, the Minnesota School of Business (MSB) Richfield Campus has made strides in launching a significant service learning partnership with Community Emergency Services (CES). Spearheaded by MSB’s own Nicole Nelson who is the Interactive Media and Graphic Design Program Chair, the opportunities flourished beyond just her program, including Digital Video and Media Production, IT, Business, and Marketing.

Furthermore, MSB was featured on the cover of CES’s March 2012 Spotlight News Letter. Executive Director Mark B. Peterson wrote the article below encompassing the partnership:

A Wonderful Partnership

Four months ago, 2011 CES Director Mark Peterson received an email from then Chairman of the Board – Herman Saul. In his message, Saul suggested that CES reach out to Nicole Nelson, Program Chair for Interactive Media and Graphic Design with the Minnesota School of Business (MSB), also known as Globe University. MSB was in need of service learning op­portunities, and CES needed help on many fronts. A string of emails and meetings followed, and today, at no cost to either organization, CES and MSB have created a service learning partnership. Here’s what we are doing together:

The Spotlight: The most obvious change is this month’s issue of the Spotlight, which was redesigned by Ms. Nelson. We believe it has a sleeker, more youthful look. Director Peterson said, “The Spotlight had a small town, church newslet­ter appearance. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we want to reach out to volunteers and donors in their 20’s and 30’s, and we needed help from someone about thirty years younger than me to do it.”

CES Video: MSB’s Digital Media Department, under the direction of instructor Clint Atterberry, is shooting a vid­eo that will help tell the CES story to donors, volunteers and clients. CES Office Manager Juanita Lindgren told the Spotlight, “The only video we have about CES was narrated by Dave Moore. That tells you how old it is!”

Dennis Gaynor’s Customer Services Strategies Class – (left to right) – Judaya Bradford, (bottom) Felix Benetiz, Johnny Scott, (up) Johnathon Rownd, Cindy Andrade, Tony Smith, Ben Westerman, Chris Harr


Meals on Wheels: Recently, Director Peterson met with Dennis Gaynor’s class to recruit helpers to contact Meals on Wheels clients who, since 2008, have left the program without explanation. Gaynor’s students will also examine Census data to see if demographics have changed in our area.

Rick Chessnoe’s Data Base Design Class – (left to right) – Jared Stallings, Alexander Dorn, Melinda Schmitz, Richard Chessnoe, Regimantas “Regi” Ambrutis, Josh Garr, Art Taylor, Sidon MacKenzie

Database: Rick Chessnoe’s Database class will help CES and the Dignity Center create a database that will track clients, donors, volunteers, staff and referrals. Both agencies track client contacts on paper now, and strug­gle to keep track of many boxes of old records. Ann Carlson, Dignity Center Director said, “The new database will help us keep track of what clients are receiving and from whom, we’ll be able to schedule appointments and track progress toward goals…”

Bill Kriesel’s Small Business Management Class – (left to right) – Bill Kriesel, Richard Kuchehede, Britany Berg, Faith Towle, Matthew Prazak, Johnathon Rownd, Armando Franco

Marketing: A Small Business Management Class, under the direction of Bill Kriesel, will help CES with a market­ing plan. His students will be volunteering for a few hours so they can have an intimate look into your opera­tion. “ I feel this would greatly benefit them in many ways,” says Kriesel.

Brochures: Michael Casey’s Design Studio class, will redo CES’s collateral materials so they share a common look.

Next semester, a class will help Meals on Wheels attract new customers, and another class will give the CES Web Page the once over. Thank you Minnesota School of Business!


All involved are excited about what the new partnership has fostered thus far, and look forward to the ongoing relationship. Beyond potential future projects with the college, there are always opportunities for anyone to volunteer or make a donation. For more information please visit or contact

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.