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Posted by on February 29, 2012

How You Approach Your Job-Hunt Matters

Many hiring managers and employers believe that how a person approaches their job search is predictive of how that person will act on the job. One trick to great job searching is to, “Realize that the employer thinks the way you are doing the job-hunt is the way you will do the job ” (Bolles, 2009 p.76).  For example; if you start your job search even before graduating, maybe while still in school, that sends the message to employers that you are proactive and motivated. Another scenario could happen when you forget to send a thank you letter after an interview. This could tell the employer that you do not have the people skills and etiquette required for the position. Did you research the company before the interview? If so, then you come off as being organized and thorough, if not, then you might run the risk of appearing uninterested in the
job search or unorganized.

Also, consider the tone of your job search. Are you a positive job searcher? Or a negative job searcher? A confident job searcher? Or a job seeker that doesn’t know what she wants? Whatever tone your job searching approach has taken, remember that it will show through in the interviews, good or bad.

If you have any questions or tips on how to improve your job search approach, don’t hesitate to contact Elaine, your career services director.


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