Life at a Crossroads

Posted by on February 28, 2012


Robert Stehlik works on homework inthe student commons.

Robert Stehlik, 39, arrived at a crossroads in his life not too long ago.  He realized he needed additional education in order to advance his lot in life. He wasn’t happy with the light industrial, agricultural, sanitation or assembly work jobs he was doing to earn a living.

“I have been through so many jobs.  I am at the point in my life that if I get a job now, I want to be the leader.  I want to have my own business and the only way I can do that is to get a degree,” said Robert. “I was making $11 an hour and that is not going to get you any where, especially paying child support.”

One evening, not too long ago he was watching television and saw an ad for Globe University/Minnesota School of Business. He said to himself, “You know what? I’m calling them up.” And he did.

When he started researching the school, he realized it would be difficult to work and attend class at the same time. “I lost my job in the process,” Robert said. “My employer wouldn’t switch me to a different shift, so I had to choose education or a job. I chose education.”

Robert admits he has made some poor choices in his life and has had some personal issues to deal with. But he also admits that he has some good work qualities such as managerial experience, being observant and punctual.

Robert now carries a six class load. He is a full-time student, who found going back to school was hard at first. He had to recall techniques he hadn’t used since high school, such as writing paragraphs. “I have a problem remembering things I read,” Robert said. “But I can talk about stuff okay.” In addition, he has had to adjust to studying at home. “I just shut the door and study in my room.” His 16 year old son is supportive. “He’s excited for me,” said Robert.

Robert imagines himself a future entrepreneur. He hopes to be done with his B.S. in Business Management in three years. Right now he thinks about running his own clothing store.

He enjoys being around the other students. “Everybody loves me. I don’t know why,” he says with a smile. “They call me Papa.”

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