Children get Insight into a Fast Growing Field

Posted by on February 28, 2012

Animals get all the attention in the Veterinary Technology field

Vet Tech instructor, Christine Hardman keeps the leash held tight as the children gather around to pet the dog.

Ten children, between the ages of 9 and 12, sat down to learn about animal care. It was not about the animals themselves. It was about a dog’s trip to the veterinary clinic.

The class was put on by Veterinary Technology students at Minnesota School of Business in Lakeville. They taught the students about the processes used to determine if an animal is healthy. They showed the 13 tools they use the most to the class and
quizzed them on it later.

There were live animals featured in the presentation. Ezio, a one year old golden retriever, and Rio, a seven year old Portuguese water dog, were really excited to be part
of the show. Both of them were good sports to get their pulse and temperatures taken.

MSB Lakeville students position the dog just right to show everyone how to check their heartbeat.

When the group took a break for a snack, the children rushed over to play with the dogs.
“I want to go pet the dog,” said one of the children as she is stuffing her snack down quickly. Even cookies, crackers, and a juice box cannot keep children from petting a dog.

After the interaction with the animals, they went on to take a tour of a typical veterinary
clinic setting and surgical suite. They stopped to look at x-rays of everything from bird wings to turtles to broken bones on dogs.

Two students discuss an animal's experience when coming to the veterinarian clinic.

“This is a great way for the students to interact with their community,” states Teresa
English, veterinary technology program chair for Minnesota School of Business
Lakeville. “This allows the students share their passion about animals.”


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