Library Highlight of the Week

Posted by on February 23, 2012

Written by: Jason Smock

With video games everywhere, books by the thousands, and a starring role in a new movie, the Navy Seals and other Special Operations groups are getting the validation they’ve deserved for some time.  In the February 27th issue of Newsweek, Daniel Klaidman writes a compelling article titled “Obama’s Secret Army” where he gives the Spec-Ops community recognition, where recognition is due.

“In an era of dwindling budgets and dispersed, hidden enemies, when Americans have become fatigued by disastrous military occupations, the value of pinprick operations by elite forces is clear.  The budget for the Special Operations Command has more than doubled since 2001, reaching $10.5 billion, and the number of deployments has more than quadrupled.”

Has the financially weary country found an economically viable option for national protection?  Has the nature of conflict decentralized back to the age of small skirmishes over individualist ideals?  Has the global recognition seriously impeded the future effectiveness of the Spec-Ops community?  Check out the article and others this week in
the library!

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