Matt Vitek Competing in Baltimore for Valene Smith Prize

Posted by on February 17, 2012

Rochester, MN – February  17, 2012 –   Matt Vitek submitted an abstract for Society of Applied Anthropology in which he proposed the idea of medical tourism for the Rochester, MN community.  The idea was generated by Matt who has worked closely with his hospitality instructor Allan Witz.  As many of you may know, Rochester is home of the Mayo Clinic where a majority of guests from around the world visit Rochester for medical reasons.  The thought process behind the thesis was that the idea of tourism has a specific set of values behind the definition:  sunny beaches, exotic locals, and relaxation.   And the general definition of tourism limits itself to these specific values.   Matt, however,  proposed a new definition for locations where people travel for reasons other than, leisure activities.  

“My poster will focus on ways that cities which are not tourist destination, but have many visitors, can entice visitors who come for a day to stay for a week.  Rochester, Minnesota, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors for treatment at the Mayo Clinic, but not for tourism.  What can Rochester do to market itself and expand into a destination that visitors recommend to others, and return to again?”  Matt said.

The theme for this year’s conference which will be held at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel

In Baltimore Maryland, March 27-31, 2012 is “Bays, Boundaries and Borders”.

The conference invites advocates, activists, policy makers, scholars and researchers to respond

creatively to the 2012 program theme with papers, posters, roundtable discussions, sessions or videos on a broad range of issues. 

Matt will be representing the only career college in the Valene Smith Prize Posters on Tourism poster competition.  Schools also competing in the competition include: The University of Southern Florida, the University of Georgia and the University of Texas at Austin.

Matt Vitek is pursuing a Bachelors in Business Management with an emphasis in Hospitality Management at Minnesota School of Business Rochester.

 All of us at the Minnesota School of Business wish Matt the best of luck in his efforts to win the competition.

Please see the YouTube interview with Matt Vitek.

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