O’Neal Hampton, BIGGEST LOSER Contestant, Dishes on Weight Loss

Posted by on February 14, 2012

The Shakopee Chamber (www.shakopee.org) luncheon crowd was treated to a motivational presentation by someone who has struggled his entire life with weight challenges. This presenter held up a pair of extra large denim jeans-so large he can now fit his entire body in one leg-as a reminder of what he calls his “rear mirror.”

Minnesota resident O'Neal Hampton started at 389 lbs. He finished 139 lbs. lighter.

“Don’t look back,” says O’Neal Hampton. “It is never too late to start a weight loss program.”

O’Neal Hampton, Season 9 contestant on the “The Biggest Loser” weight loss challenge television series, believes that being obese is a by-product of something “going on” in your life.  People need to identify the”10-7-5″ of their lives which are the ten defining moments, the seven critical choices they have made and the five pivotal people involved. Once that reflection is accomplished, it is then necessary to apply the 18″ Rule: you need to connect the heart to the brain, which is about 18 inches in distance apart. Only then will someone be successful with weight loss.

Hampton talked about the necessity of having a plan, because “a vision without a plan is just an illusion.” He also says that everyone needs a “lion” in their life-someone who works with them in achieving their goals.

The Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota is sponsoring Bizically Fit Challenge 2012 (http://www.shakopee.org/pages/2012bizicallyfitchallenge) a twelve week health and fitness challenge,  that starts February 13 and goes through May 4. Data can be logged for exercise minutes, pedometer steps and weight loss numbers. You can sign up as an individual, or form a team.

Here’s your plan, and here’s your “lion.” Pledge to get fit today

Heidi Keyho, MSB-Shakopee Communications, meets O'Neal Hampton.

Gretchen Seifert, MSB-Shakopee Director of Admissions, greets O'Neal Hampton.

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