Unemployment-A Success Story?

Posted by on February 10, 2012

When a recent Minnesota School of Business graduate received a pink slip back in 2008, she never dreamed it would eventually lead her on an exciting adventure back to school and down a new career path.

“I can’t stand sitting still, so when I lost my job in marketing research I knew I had to find something to fill the time,” said recent graduate Barb Diehl. “So I started looking for volunteer opportunities, since the job market was slim.”

Diehl’s past experience working with an animal rescue in Orlando, Florida, where her family recently moved from, influenced her to look for similar opportunities in Minnesota.

She soon found herself volunteering her time for organizations like Guardian Angels, where she brought dogs to visit the different residents there and Animal Rescue R-Paw, who she fostered animals for and pretty much did whatever they needed.

“I’ve always had a love for animals, but never really thought of it as a career,” Diehl explained. “While taking different foster animals around to vet clinics I watched several veterinarians and vet technicians and thought, I can do that.”

Armed with a “can-do” attitude and time on her hands, Diehl just needed a school close to home to go to.  Diehl said it was an ah-ha moment for her while bringing a rescue animal
to Minnesota School of Business in Elk River for students to take care of.

“At that moment I just knew it was meant to be,” Diehl said.  “It was time to go back to school.”

Diehl graduated with honors with an associate in applied science in veterinary technology and is now looking to start her dream career.

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