St. Cloud Campus Celebrates Nine Business Alliance Partnerships

Posted by on February 7, 2012

Campus Director Jim Beck Delivers the Energy Bus Seminar to Business Alliance Partner, Trobec's Bus Service

Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud is excited to announce nine new Business Alliance Partnerships with local companies. All nine partnerships were forged in the past five months: Annandale Health and Community Services, Cold Spring Brewery, ING Direct, Opportunity Manor, Preferred Credit, Royal Tire, School District 742, Trobec Bus Services and Viking Coke.

The Business Partnership Alliance is MSB’s commitment to provide education and training that directly serves employers’ needs.

Director of Career Services, Shannon Templin, explains the value of the alliance: “It is important for colleges to connect with the community and offer tangible benefits through these contacts.”

Templin adds that the partnerships are a good way of keeping MSB at top of the mind awareness in the commuity. Business Alliance Partnerships also can lead to strategic Program Advisory  Committee memberships, which in turn help MSB keep in touch with industry standards and trends.

There is the added bonus, he says, of good inquiries for Admissions leads as well as potential placements for graduates once the relationships are formed.

Businesses, in turn, are able to market to their employees a 10% discount scholarship on tutiton at MSB. In addition, twice a year, MSB offers customized training to the partnering organizations. For example, ING Direct, Viking Coke and Trobec Bus Services all have participated in the Energy Bus seminar, a presentation on the power of positive energy. Other trainings include customer service, leadership, Microsoft Office and Windows.


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