MSB-St. Cloud Fitness Students Work with Staff to MSBe Healthy

Posted by on February 6, 2012


Matt Panze, Trevor Ziwicki, Lance Johnson, Brandy Wyant, Tina Gill and Danielle Westberg, Student Experts for MSBe Healthy

Students in Ana Ribeiro’s Worksite Health Promotion class are serious about getting the St. Cloud campus’ staff and faculty healthy–for the long run.

“It seems like in the past, students and staff would put a lot of work into it [worksite health,]  and then it would die off,” explains Danielle Westberg. “We want this to be for the long-term. We want to start it here and launch it at other campuses.”

Brandy Wyant agrees, “We want to go beyond a one-day shot. Health goes beyond that.”

The answer: MSBe Healthy: a student-designed fitness and wellness program for staff and faculty that includes short and long-term goals as well as incentives for successful participation.

Students began by surveying current staff and faculty about their major health concerns. The replies came back as: stress reduction, weight management and improved nutrition. From there, students planned a two-phase program, beginning Winter Quarter 2012 and continuing with Phase 2 into Spring Quarter.

Goals for the program include students motivating, educating and supporting the employees throughout the process. The program will include a point system, a weekly drawing for progress and a student expert/mentor assigned to each participant.

MSBe Healthy was announced recently at an all-school meeting and will be advertised at the upcoming Health and Wellness Showcase on campus where students will sell nutritous smoothies as a fundraiser for the program.

Upcoming successes will be documented on our blog!


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