New! 11 Week Quarter

Posted by on February 3, 2012

Introducing the 11-week quarter!

Beginning with Early Fall Quarter 2012, all quarters
will be 11 weeks long! Why the change?

This new system creates longer breaks for students around
the holidays and summer months—which means more balance for your busy lives!

 New quarter and break dates:

  • Early Fall 2012: July 16-Sept. 28
    • 1-Week Break: Oct. 1-5
  • Fall 2012: Oct. 8-Dec. 21
    • 2-Week Holiday Break: Dec. 24-Jan. 4
  • Winter 2013: Jan. 7-March 22
    • 1-Week Break: March 25-29
  • Spring 2013: April 1-June 14
    • 4-Week Summer Break: June 17-July 12

Important note:

The change in quarter length does not affect the amount of
material covered in each course. You will still learn the same amount of
material to help you prepare for your career.


Please talk to your Dean of Students, Carrie Winter.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.