Paralegal and Graphic Design Students Team Up for Project with Guardian Ad Litem Program

Posted by on January 31, 2012

When Legal Program Chair Rachna Talwar needed a project her Ethics for Law class, she decided to focus on the course’s emphasis on ethics and confidentiality policies. After reaching out to Hennepin County’s 4th District and getting connected to the Guardian Ad Litem Program, it was decided to develop a brochure explaining the responsibilities of a Guardian Ad Litem. Continuing Richfield’s collaboration trend, she turned to Interactive Media and Graphic Design Program Chair Nicole Nelson to enlist her Page Layout class to do the design.

The resulting brochure is now in use, and according to GAL Program Manager Laurie Kusek,”We think it is absolutely wonderful. We truly love it, from content to design. We are so lucky to have you all working with us, and to have such a professional job done.”

Kusek and two other representatives visited Talwar’s class to discuss the project, talk about what GALs do and the issues that arise. Students then shared their ideas. After a few weeks of working back and forth to settle on content, Graphic Design and Media Production students from the Page Layout class were enlisted for design from front to back.

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