Minnesota School of Business – Rochester I.T. Students work with IBM Alumni Club to Improve Website

Posted by on January 24, 2012

Crystal Johnson of MSB-Rochester




Rochester, MN – January 24, 2012 –   The Rochester IBM Alumni Club approached MSB-Rochester in an effort to upgrade their website.  The project was divided into two sections.  First students were asked to create a traditional database design, secondly, they needed to develop a “Groups Section” where the visible front-end aspects of the site were addressed.

The database design incorporated MySQL, HTML code, JavaScript and PHP programming languages.  Once in place, new HTML code was developed and implemented along with JavaScript to bring the Rochester IBM Alumni Club’s website up to current
visual standards.  Crystal Johnson who worked on the site, also developed a new logo for the organization.  In addition to the new logo, students implemented a blog, calendar and photo section, and the addition of a link to PayPal so club patrons could easily pay club dues online and at their own convenience.

Students also developed a database form to incorporate into the newsletter page utilizing PHP programming language.  The data entered from the newsletter is then stored in a MySQL database coupled to the site.  Site administrators will now have the option
to print the newsletter data generated from the user entries.

“I am still in contact with the representative of the Rochester IBM Alumni club and wish to continue work on this exciting project,” Crystal Johnson
said.  Crystal went on to say the experience for her was invaluable and the opportunity to work with a club such as the Rochester IBM Alumni, which gave the students their support and blessing, was priceless.

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