IMGD Students at MSB-St. Cloud Learn Networking Skills

Posted by on January 11, 2012

When Krisite Haubrich, President of American Advertising Federation-Central Minnesota (and MSB alumna!) and Marci Narlock, Board Member, came to class at Minnesota School of Business, Interactive Media and Graphic Design students walked away with a virtual bag of tricks for securing their futures.

Haubrich spoke to the students about the value of networking nowin their careers, while

Marci Narlock and Kristie Haubrich, AAF CN-MN

they are still students. She emphasized the power of networking, through organizations like AAF, of seeking out mentors in their field, and of submitting their work for professional review before they interview for jobs.

The Central Minnesota Chapter of AAF is well-known, she said, and last year, out of 15,000 submissions nationally, the local chapter had two winners in the annual Addy Awards contest. She urged students to submit work this year before deadline at the end of January.

In addition, Haubrich; St. Cloud IMGD Program Chair Mike Chau; and Josh Engen, IMGD Elk River campus instructor, all agreed that students should actively participate in the portfolio review process prior to graduation. During this process, students present a portfolio of their work to a panel of three professionals and then receive critique on the work. Haubrich, Chau and Engen stressed that such feedback is invaluable to the artist/designer embarking on a career. AAF sponsors such reviews locally, Haubrich said, and MSB could plan to host a portfolio review in the next school year on site.

Knowing people in the industry and understanding the need for excellent communication skills, Haubrich concluded, are two of the essentials for students in the media design field.

“We are always communicators,” added Engen. “Our job is to organize information.”

At the end of the presentation, several students joined AAF as members and signed up as volunteers for the upcoming Addy Awards event.

Cory Ley, an upcoming Early Fall quarter graduate, looks forward to the contacts he will make through his membership and a pending mentor relationship. “It’s really exciting!”

The IMGD student association plans to create more activities and workshops at the MSB campus to assist students in enhancing their skills and preparing for jobs.

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