Trends In Health Care Management

Posted by on January 2, 2012

Dr. Cheryl Anderson, Online Health Care Management Program Chair

Health care continues to be an area with many employment opportunities. While many will pursue clinical degrees to be able to serve patients, others will seek education to be able to provide management and leadership to all areas of health care. The Globe University health care management program seeks to train learners to be managers and leaders in various types of health care organizations.

The health care outlook for all areas of health care employment looks great. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a wonderful overview of many different types of job opportunities. This website is available at Consider bookmarking this cite in your computer.

Entering the field of health care management will open up many interesting doors for future employment opportunities. The first step is getting a quality education. The stepping stone to any professional career is education. Globe University has a quality health care management program designed to meet the needs of busy, working people.

Many of the courses in this program offer opportunities for networking with current health care professionals. As you get ready to start new classes, take a good look at the syllabus and each unit’s content. Look ahead for those units where an interview will be needed or perhaps a service learning project is required. Think about these opportunities as your first step toward building strong networks in the field. While social media often concentrates on Facebook and Linked In type of networking, the field of health care is often face-to-face.

Face-to-face networking through class projects and interviews will help you build your own professional network of people who may lead you to your first health care management opportunity. See these opportunities as more than just an assignment. Look at each piece as career building. Throw your heart into finding interesting people to interview and talk to. Avoid the easy trap of interviewing your boss, your sister, your mother, the next door neighbor, etc. Stretch yourself to make that call to a leader
in health care currently. With this first week of classes, plan ahead. If an
interview is required, start the process of finding a good person to interview. If service learning is part of your course, really make that service learning an applicable experience to your own professional career. Do more than the minimum. Your career is really worth your effort!

In upcoming newsletters, I will highlight different areas that you may consider for health care management opportunities. Welcome to Winter Term!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.