Three Decades of Educational Pursuit. Mission Accomplished!

Posted by on January 2, 2012

David A. Bluske, active US Air Force for 26 years, spent nearly three decades in pursuit of his long-held dream of higher education. David chose Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee for its convenient location to his home, just ten miles away. He has a Logistics Management background and is currently retired from USAF.

 The biggest odds David overcame to achieve his educational dreams was being active duty Air Force. With all of his military career relocations, it literally took him 29 years to get his Bachelor of Science degree.  While in the Air Force, he took night classes and attended six to eight different colleges in five different states, including Guam. This persistence culminated in earning his Associates Degree in Logistics Management in November 1993.  

Said David, “A year after I earned my AAS degree, I got married and started raising a family. I put my wife through college, with the intention that once I retired at 20 years, she would be working, and it would be my turn to start working on my bachelor’s degree.”

Unfortunately, at 19 1/2 years of AF service, right before getting ready to retire, he and his wife divorced.  Then the 20 year retirement date came and went.  Finally, at 26 years of service, he was financially and mentally ready to retire and start working on his BS degree.  David was looking for a program that offered a BS in Business and MSB-Shakopee met that need. He considered himself a “lucky college student”, because he had “the luxury of having Veteran’s Affairs benefits and a retirement income so I could focus almost all of my attention on schooling.”   (What is so great about that statement is that he earned his VA benefits through hard work and sacrifice…not through luck.)

As life has a way of happening, his next challenge was having young children to raise, and all of the responsibilities that come along with that, while pursuing his educational dreams. Like many parents in full-time school, he spent long nights working on his studies after the kids were asleep, making sure to spend time with them during their waking hours.

All of his hard work, persistence, and great work habits culminated in a Bachelor of Science from the Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee. As an endorsement of David’s nomination, Sheri Schultz, Dean of Students said, “David’s military background served him well. He was a very respectful, motivated and disciplined student.”

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