Business Administration Student Ron Chav Interview

Posted by on December 22, 2011

What did you do prior to attending MSB-Rochester?

Ron: Prior to MSB I used to for work Firestone Complete Autocare as a Customer Services Consultant/Sales/Automotive Technician.

Why MSB-Rochester?

Ron: My former co-worker use to attend MSB, Rochester, MN campus. She had informed me that they had small classroom sizes and the instructors are very knowledgeable.

Why take on the Business Administration program?

Ron: My dream of becoming a business administrator, started when I turned fifth-teen years old. I had a passion for the business administrative profession because of their unique style of clothing. They dressed for success, and also by observing how the school faculty in the business administration department assisting the needs and wants of their students intrigued me, so much so that I wanted to be like them.

Going into the program what did you expect it would be like?

Ron: Going into the business administrative program I expected it to be difficult, and filled with challenges that I would have to overcome to succeed.

Once in the program how did your initial take on the program change?

Ron: My initial take on the program changed my personal point of view.  By knowledge learned through the experience and overcoming personal obstacles filling me with confidence that I would of my succeed in the future.

What is your favorite subject?

Ron: My favorite subject is Microsoft Office, because this subject encompasses Power Point, Excel, and Access. It helps me study by doing my accounting homework assignments. The business writing class helps me to refine my communication skills to a professional level.

Your biggest challenge so far within the program has been? 

Ron: My biggest challenge within the program would be Composition Class because I struggled with being more concise in my writing.

When do you graduate and with what degree?

Ron: I anticipate my graduation will take place after spring quarter of 2012.  I will be honored with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.

Would you recommend the Business Administration program? 

Ron: Yes, I would recommend this program at Minnesota School of Business for Business Administration for anyone with interest in business management.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.