Seminars for Student Success

Posted by on December 21, 2011

During Fall Quarter 2011 Student Services and the Resource Center hosted several Seminars for Student Success.  Leslie Nicol planned the topics, and Beena Koshy led the presentations. 

  • Technology Workshop-Learning the Secrets of Campus Connect and student e-mail
  • Library Research-Learn how to research using the GEN library network
  • Intro to APA Citation-Learn the basic rules for APA citation and avoiding plagiarism
  • Formatting a Paper-Learn how to outline and plan a perfect paper
  • Intro to PowerPoint-Creating professional presentations using slide transitions and animations
  • Grammar and Punctuation-Refresh your memory on the proper format for grammar and punctuation
  • Powerful Presentations-Tips and Tricks to ROCK your class presentations
  • Resume Writing-Learn how to start building your resume now so you can get the best job when you graduate

Said Student Services Coordinator, Leslie Nicol, “We found through student feedback these were a hit and would like to continue them next quarter!”





Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.