Singing Alphabet Leads to Clean Hands for Kids

Posted by on December 20, 2011

Singing Alphabet Leads to Clean Hands for Kids

Medical assistant students use ABCs to teach preschoolers about germs

Nine Minnesota School of Business-Elk River students spent an afternoon teaching preschoolers at Learning Blocks Childcare what germs are and how to properly wash them away.

MSB Students Show Preschoolers How to Wash Hands

“It was really fun getting out of the classroom and experiencing something as great as the children at Learning Blocks,” said student Tabatha Borski.

A question about what germs look like kicked off the learning event and a few very creative answers by preschoolers broke the ice immediately.  After the kids had a general understanding of what a germ is, they moved into small groups where students led different germ-related activities.

At one station you could hear preschoolers and students singing the alphabet together while they washed their hands.  Students explained to the preschoolers that it takes about the duration of the alphabet to wash away any germs, so every time they wash they should sing too.

At another station preschoolers colored pictures of germs while students taught them that germs are on everything we touch like the crayons they were holding.

The last station was the most exciting for the preschoolers as they were able to actually see

Preschoolers Answer Questions About Germs

the germs on their hands.  Students sprinkled a special powder on the preschoolers’ hands and used a glow box that acts like a black light which makes germs glow.

“We love having MSB over to interact with the kids and the
kids love it too,” said Learning Blocks staff member Wendy Koester.  “The kids loved learning the hand washing song and have continued to sing it weeks later.”

The learning event was part of a service-learning project for a Microbiology and Urinalysis class.

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