Christy Thattanakham Health Care Management Program Student

Posted by on December 20, 2011

You moved to Rochester from Arkansas?
Christy: Yes in February of this year (2011). I moved here with four goals in mind, in which two of them had to be accomplished almost immediately. One of the goals was to get a full time job because we all need income to make it in this crazy world. The other goal was get back into college as soon as possible. Initially, I was waiting to get back into University of Phoenix, but…. there was just so much going on with that, like I had to fill out this paperwork, then that paperwork, then pay this off, then wait for a response, more paperwork, wait for another response – I mean, I was going through this when I was still Arkansas. Before I decided to call MSB, I realized that I had just wasted away a year, struggling, and doing everything I possibly could to get back into the school… When I finally thought that the last thing I did was all I had to do.  I got another call saying that I had to wait another two weeks. Nothing new, only this time, I said, “No, I’m not waiting anymore.” To be honest, it did “bum” out a lot of energy and excitement. I called MSB, expecting to hear something similar. Instead, I was told that I needed to hurry and visit the campus so that I can start classes three days after? I can’t remember the number of days, but it was very quick and I had a reason to be fully enthusiastic and excited again.
Of all the colleges in Rochester why did you choose MSB?

Christy: After all of the broken promises from University of Phoenix, I decided to choose MSB because it is close to home and it offers the exact program (degree) that I wanted as my major. Right when I met with the admissions representative (Laura Thomas), got a tour of the school, introduced to the friendly staff, and had everything explained about what MSB offers, I knew that I made the right choice. This is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.Why Health Care Management?

Christy: I’ve always been more interested and held jobs on the administrative/business side – dreamed about becoming a business manager, but after I had my first child, I started to grow interest in the health care field. I always had a compassion for others and whenever I can help someone, it is the best feeling in the world world, so at a point, I even wanted to become a medical assistant, radiologist – something to that nature – to see if it could possibly lead me into wanting to become a doctor. Then again, my love and experience with business still lived inside of me. I was stuck between two. When I met with Laura Thomas (admissions representative), she helped me to make my decision by asking me one question: “Do you have tolerance for blood and..” – something like that, but she didn’t have to say anymore. I immediately answered, “No”, and she said, “Health Care Management” – I couldn’t agree more; this way, I could do what I love and know how to do, but doing it in the world that fills the new found interest in me.What did you expect it would be like the program to be like?

Christy: I knew that it would be fun and interesting. I’ve been wanting to go back to school for so long, so I was very enthusiastic about everything. However, if I must say, I did not expect to connect with some of my instructors as I had and I truly value these connections, for it does make a huge difference. Honestly, I just expected to go to class, learn something new, hand in my assignments – you know, get in and get out. Instead, I go home and the first thing I talk about is how funny or cool my instructor is, as well as how much I love the class.
Once in the program how did your initial take on the program change?

Christy: Even for someone who is very enthusiastic and so excited to be back in school, I did and still do, at times, hit a few days of questioning if this is all worth it. I mean, I know it is, but sometimes, I do stop and think about the tuition costs and the time invested (I have two children and rarely have time to spend with them – not as much as before. On top of that, I’m holding down a full time job, so I spend all hours of my waking day dedicated to work or school. On the weekends, I’m doing my homework. It drains a lot of energy.) It gets to the point where I ask myself, “Am I hurting my family and just beating myself up? What if I can’t end up in the position or job that this degree is supposed to reward me with? Would I be able to handle that? What am I going to do?” However, I do realize that these feelings are normal and almost every college student gets them every now and again. In order to get over it, I just remind myself of what a great school that I am attending, all it has to offer, the rewards of satisfaction and achievements, getting my dream job, having a better future for myself and my family – just knowing that I finally did it – all worth the sacrifice. My life right now is definitely stressful and tough, but I’d rather live through it today, so that I can have a better tomorrow.What is your favorite subject?

Christy: Currently, my favorite subject is Literature. Ever since I learned how to read and write, I did so every chance I got; I just absolutely love it. However, as I got older, I have become so busy with life – work, school, kids – I rarely have anytime for myself anymore, so I stopped reading and didn’t write as much. Ever since I’ve started Introduction to Literature, though, it sort of unburied this hidden passion for writing that I have put away for so long. Although I still do not have as much time now, I do find a few minutes before bed each night to squeeze in a chapter or two of a novel. I also realized that the best time for me to write is after a very long and busy day and night because my mind is so boggled up with so many thoughts and things I didn’t get to express; I find it to be a perfect opportunity to get all of those thoughts out on paper (or in my case, on Microsoft Word – the beauty of technology).
Your biggest challenge so far within the program has been? 

Christy: The biggest challenge so far is the time invested. Again, I have a full time job and I also have two young children (7 and 3 years old), so just being able to balance all of that can get very stressful, and even frustrating at times. If I could turn back time, I would have started college at age eighteen, but life happened. I lived and I learned. What matters now is what I am doing today in order for my family and me to have a better life in the long run.When is graduation? 

Christy: June of 2013 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Management. I love and enjoy school, but absolutely cannot wait to finish! I still have a way to go.
Would you recommend this program?

 I definitely would recommend this program to others who are interested inHealth Care Management. The classes are awesome, the instructors are awesome, the campus and the campus starff are so resourceful. I must point out and say that I am so glad that all of the instructors have related to our field of study in the real world; I truly enjoy when they are able to bring what they have learned in the real world into our classroom, instead of just reading out of a book. I truly believe that it enhances our learning experience at MSB.
Thanks Christy.

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