A Few Questions for Danica Miland Paralegal Student at Minnesota School of Business Rochester

Posted by on December 20, 2011


So what did you do before you came to MSB-Rochester?
Danica: I was and still am a night auditor at Clarion Inn in Rochester, which is the old Holiday Inn South. Before that I lived in a town called Long Prairie that is in between St. Cloud and Alexandria. I have been a bartender/waitress at a bar, on-call banquet staff at Mill Lacs Casino, Sales Manager at Einstein Cellular (which is a privately owned AT&T Mobile Store), Cashier at a grocery store, and front desk clerk at Super 8 in Long Prairie.

So why MSB?

Danica: I don’t know how to tell you other than to tell you the whole story. I took care of my mother after I graduated high school. She was sick with lung conditions and kidney disease. She felt that she was taking me from the college experience, but I felt it was important for her and me that I stay with her. After she passed I moved to Rochester. I was working at the Holiday Inn when my security told me about MSB. He was in the Criminal Justice program and said that MSB had a Paralegal program. The next day I was in Angie Helm’s office signing up.

Why did you decide on the Paralegal Program?

Danica: As a little girl I was abused by a family member. I went through the court system at the age of four. The judicial team that I had helping me was so supportive and caring, that I decided I want to help some other child like me. I also like how law has a history behind it, that our founding fathers set it up, and it has continued to be our foundation of law today.
Going into the program what did you expect it would be like?
Danica: I thought that it would be learning the laws and history of our laws, which it has been.

And then once in the program how did your initial take on the program change?

Danica: My first legal class was Legal Terminology. It was a lot of memorizing and figuring out definitions and legal terms. I was overwhelmed at first, but then you get to know your classmates. You start joining study groups and it all works out.

What is your favorite subject and why?

Danica: My favorite legal class so far has been Criminal Law and Procedure. My favorite general class has been Introduction to Literature or Global Citizenship.

What has been your biggest challenge so far within the program has been? Why?

Danica: My biggest challenge would have to be figuring out time to work full time and do school full time.
Have you conducted an externship yet? 
Danica: I have not done an externship yet. I’m hoping to have my externship next summer.

When do you graduate and with what degree?

Danica: I’m scheduled to graduate in October of 2012 with my Paralegal Associates degree.
Would you recommend this program to those interested in being a Paralegal?
Danica: I would and have recommended this program. My first quarter here I met Sheena who was in the Medical Assistants program, but she was also interested in the Paralegal program. I told her that having a medical background would help her in the legal field. She is currently taking legal classes online with MSB.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.