Donation Needed for Women’s Shelter

Posted by on December 13, 2011


The weather is getting cold.  Rochester Clinic will again collect socks for the Women’s Shelter.  Last year we donated more than 500 pairs of socks.  Since this is forecasted to be a colder than usual winter, we’d like to request donations of socks earlier this year so the Women’s Shelter can receive them before the cold weather arrives.
Please drop off the socks at Rochester Clinic located on 3070 Wellner Drive Northeast and enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea.  Collection will end on December 20 and be donated to the Women’s Shelter on December 21.
Here are some frequently asked questions we received.
Do we accept men’s socks?  Yes.  The women may arrive with children.  So socks for boys, girls, and young kids are needed.
Do we accept items other than socks?  Yes.  We do collect new items for the Women’s Shelter.
What types of socks are recommended?  We recommend socks that contain blends of natural and synthetic fibers, not 100% cotton.  Socks made of 100% cotton retain moist.
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