St. Cloud IT Students Host Computer Bug Clinic

Posted by on December 1, 2011

The Industrial Technology Student Association recently held a Computer Bug clinic on the St. Cloud campus. Students and staff were invited to bring in their problematic computers or laptops and have IT students troubleshoot the issues. Students made diagnostic calls and recommendations for repairs and upgrades.

The president of the student association, Joe Newhouse, explains the goal. “The sole purpose of this project is to help out students and faculty with their personal computer needs. We chose to do this not only to benefit them, but also to give us hands-on experience with dealing with customers in a technical setting. I see this and other projects we are currently working on as an educational experience that goes beyond the textbooks and lecture.”

Joe Newhouse at the Computer Clinic

A side benefit for the IT students is the networking with other students that can happen by having the clinic located in the hub of the student lounge. The IT students take classes at night, so meeting daytime students and becoming a part of campus life is an added bonus.

“I’ll be honest,” admits Newhouse. “The typical IT student is not the most flamboyant of creatures. I formed my presidency around this obvious observation, and I made it the goal of the association to, among other things, provide the association members with the opportunity to work on their communication skills with non-technically inclined individuals.”

Whether building their technical or communication skills, St. Cloud IT students apply the teachings of the classroom to real-life problems and people.

“It’s a Win-Win,” says Tom Polinceusz, IT Program Chair.

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