Melinda Loftus-Sevre Talks About Her Experience at Minnesota School of Business Rochester

Posted by on November 3, 2011

Melinda Loftus-Sevre

Melinda Loftus-Sevre is currently working towards a Associates in Applied Science Degree in the Medical Assistants program at Minnesota School of Business Rochester.  She shared her experience at MSB Rochester and why she enjoys the Medical Assistant Program.

What did you do prior to MSB?

I worked at Mayo Clinic for 8 years and was laid off.

What brought you to MSB Rochester?

It took me several years to decide where I wanted to go after my lay off and I saw a commercial for the MA program at MSB and it got me thinking about it

Why did you decide to take on the Medical Assistant program?

I have a caring personality and I enjoy working with the general public. I also have always had a interest in medicine.

Going into the program what did you expect it would be like?

I knew it would be challenging and I was up for it and looked forward to the challenge.

Once in the program how did your initial take on the program change?

I’ve never changed my opinion of the program. I’m still challenged everyday and I always enjoy each day that I am at school.

What is your favorite subject and why?

My favorite subject was Patient Care Sciences I & II because I got hands-on experience by working through each competency.

Your biggest challenge so far within the program has been?

I have not had any negative challenges while at MSB.

Have you conducted an externship yet? (How has that helped you?)

I have not done my externship yet but will next quarter.

When do you graduate and with what degree?

I will graduate in March 2012 with A.A.S. in M.A.

Would you recommend this program to those interested in being a Medical Assistant? Absolutely!I have had a wonderful experience while at MSB. All of the staff are extremely helpful and fun people. I encourage many people to come to MSB, and not just in the MA program.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.