MSB Moorhead Massage Students Give Local Emergency Room Nurses a Break

Posted by on October 18, 2011

Life at the Sanford Health Emergency Room is never dull. Most times, it is downright stressful. A group of massage students at the Minnesota School of Business -Moorhead tried to relieve some of that stress. In honor of “Emergency Nurses Week”, students performed chair massages for all nurses in the ER at Sanford as a Service/Applied Learning Project.

“This is very, very nice,” says Sanford ER Nurse Sharon Simon. “It’s hard to get a nurse to relax but they (the students) are doing very, very well.”

The students worked on nurses at the Emergency Room for over two hours. Many of them were extremely tense after dealing with critical situations all day long. It’s part of the job working in the Emergency Room as a nurse.

“I liked that we could help people that are helping others,” student Brittany Nice said. “It was hard to get them loose, but we did out our best.”

“You guys do a great job of producing wonderful massage therapists,” says Sanford Emergency Assistant Director Shari Hering. “What a great gift for our nurses.”

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