MSB-St. Cloud and Good Shepherd Community Partnership Nominated for Award

Posted by on October 17, 2011

Jenny Zimmer, Volunteer Coordinator at Good Shepherd Senior Community in SaukRapids nominated Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud service learning students and Good Shepherd staff for an Aging Services of Minnesota Excellence and Innovation Award.

Global Citizenship SL Students Host Hot Rod Show

For two years, MSB students and Good Shepherd staff have collaborated on a variety of service learning projects aimed at enriching the senior residents’ lives. Global Citizenship students created reminiscence boxes to stimulate memory and put on visual/tactile events such as a hunting extravaganza and hot rod show in Good Shepherd’s parking lot. Massage and health  service learning students have participated in hands-on projects geared at improved physical and mental health, including massage, vital checks, and physical exercise.

Presdient and CEO Bruce Glanzer sums up the partnership, “Good Shepherd is very grateful for the wonderful working relationship we enjoy with the Minnesota School of Business. Service learning projects are a great way for the students and seniors to interact and mutually benefit from the relationships they build with each other.”

Medical Assistant Brenda Moritz explained her participation: “After visiting and interacting with some of the residents and seeing some of the needs they have, [it] made me want to do my externship with them. I wanted to learn more about some of the residents and work one on one with them. They have so much to give . . . and they have lots of passion.” Brenda has since accepted an externship with Good Shepherd.

If the Good Shepherd/MSB-St. Cloud partnership were to win, the program would be featured at the Aging Services of Minnesota annual conference in St. Paul in February.


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