Dehydration and You…MA Students Educate Students and Staff

Posted by on October 11, 2011

Noah Mindeman, Career Services, educates himself to the dangers of dehydration.

Students and staff were surprised last week when they had a bottle of water and a colorful brochure waiting for them when they arrived on campus. Shakopee’s Microbiology and Urinalysis Class presented the causes, syptoms and signs and consequences of dehydration. With this information, and a cute drink of water, the campus learned how to prevent and treat dehydration.

Said Student Services Coordinator, Leslie Nicol, “Thanks to students Mildred Kyles, Mag Mg, Amanda Johnson, Cody Svihel, Chris Hlad, Nichole Weitbrecht, and Jessica Farnsworth, we all enjoyed the clever idea!”

Medical Assisting students from Julie Effertz’s class educated students and staff at the MSB-Shakopee Campus about the importance of avoiding dehydration. MA students handed out water in the student commons along with providing information on good hydration practices.This project helped students and staff at the campus stay hydrated so they would not become ill and miss class, especially with the unusually hot and humid conditions this summer. The project also helped the campus achieve higher attendance this quarter. MA students practiced the following two course objectives: perform a complete urinalysis with physical, chemical, and urinascopic pathogenic identification; and help determine if a patient is well-hydrated.Dehydration brochure

Said Career Services Coordinator, Noah Mindeman, “I thought it was really interesting. It provided information I didn’t already know about dehydration.”


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