Globe Education Network Trainer Delivers Personal Commencement Address

Posted by on September 27, 2011

Crista Spinks is a corporate trainer and Network Director of Admissions Operations for Globe Education Network. But when addressing the Early Fall graduating class at the St. Cloud campus last week, she came on a personal mission.

Graduation Speaker Crista Spinks and Karla Walz

Spinks’s message to all the graduates that night was to reflect on their individual story and use it as motivation for their future. But “I wanted [that message] to be personal, a special message,” Spinks said, for her childhood friend, Karla Walz, seated in a cap in gown and graduating from the medical  assistant program.

Like many friends who grew up together, as adults Spinks and Walz moved on with their lives in different cities and lost touch. But one day on Facebook a year and a half ago, Spinks noticed Karla’s post: “thinking of going back to school, not sure what for.”

In her commencement address, Spinks reflected, “I remembered a part of her story . . . it was in health class, back in the day when our teacher, Ms. Janssen, asked a question in class that stumped the whole class . . . except for my friend. My friend’s hand flew into the air as she answered the question with confidence. You see, my friend’s story was that she really enjoyed health class. I knew at that moment, the next chapter in her life story would include pursuing her goals in a health related career field.”

Walz’s journey and accomplishments inspired Spinks to share the parable of THE RULES OF THE RED RUBBER BALL, the story of how Kevin Carroll, a creative consultant for NIKE, overcame adversity to define his life’s purpose and follow his dreams.

Early Fall graduates at the St. Cloud campus had the good fortune of experiencing the impact of these stories and applying them to their new lives ahead. But Spinks wanted to make sure that Walz felt “special and recognized” after overcoming her own obstacles and completing this part of her journey.

And Walz, posting on the campus Facebook page after gradution, wanted Spinks to know that she succeeded: “Thanks Crista for making my graduation AMAZING!!!!!”

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