Graduation Speaker Martha Hetzel- A.A.S. Management Accounting

Posted by on September 26, 2011

Graduation speaker Martha Hetzel overcame many obstacles to earn her A.A.S. degree in Management Accounting. This mother of three went back to school so she could help contribute financially to the family. She credits her best friend and husband, Joel, as being her largest supporter.

After many moves to follow her husband’s career, she enrolled at MSB-Shakopee. One small detail emerged at the end of her third quarter of classes…her daughter, Chloe, who was, in fact, born the day after finals ended!

Martha gave kudos to instructor Bill Arbes who, according to Martha, “taught me more about myself than I ever wanted to know.” She also thanked instructor Joe Traxler, who, “is the best amd most dedicated Accounting teacher” she has ever met.

Staff members Leslie Nicol, Karen Samstad and Kim Bender were also on the receiving end of her thanks. Leslie “has been a tremendous go-to gal for me and I know many other students would say the same,”  said Martha. ” Karen and  Kim helped me keep my financials in order, so I could concentrate on school.”

Martha also gave a shout out to her fellow graduates. “I am graduating with many other incredible men and women. We all have had our struggles and challenges, but evidence of us being here today shows we have overcome them. Conquering these challenges, I believe, has made us stronger and more able to overcome the challenges ahead with the utmost confidence.”


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