Active Duty and Veteran Resources in a One-stop Shop

Posted by on September 26, 2011

Lakeville’s Heritage Center Includes a Yellow Ribbon Office

Once Lakeville’s population reached a certain point, the police force had to grow. They moved into their new police station in 2008. This left the old station vacant.

There were two thoughts of how to utilize the building. Either the city could sell it as a commercial building or redesign and repurpose the building.

In August, it was decided to repurpose the building and name it the Heritage Center. This building will contain the Senior Center, the Historical Society, and the Yellow Ribbon office. With those three groups being in the same location represents past, present, and future.

Having the Yellow Ribbon be involved in the Heritage Center will attract a lot of attention towards Lakeville. Lakeville Yellow Ribbon has always been innovative and willing towards making life easier for active duty and veterans alike; this also includes their families and loved ones.

A group of students at Minnesota School of Business in Lakeville have assisted the Yellow Ribbon in budgeting for their new office location. The location will offer a resource center, general purpose areas, and conference areas for use by families and members of the armed forces.

The Managerial Accounting students each had a helping hand in the project. They were finding the equipment and furnishings for the office that would be used. This would show them what the budget forecast would look like for this space.

“I was really glad I was part of the brainstorming and actual research for the project,” said student Jerald Roberts. “It was a very successful completion to the course and by far the most meaningful service learning project I have ever been part of.”

“The project is for a good cause and will ultimately benefit many people,” stated student Kyle Anderson. “I got to see some of my accounting training and knowledge to help budget the conversion.”

Those are just a few examples of how excited the local community is about the Heritage Center. This project will definitely become part of this community’s heritage for years to come.

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