Staff Spotlight: Robin Gauvin, Blaine Campus

Posted by on September 20, 2011

Staff Name: Robin Gauvin

Title: Admissions Representative

How long have you been working for Minnesota School of Business?

I started as a student at MSB Blaine in Early Fall of 2007, I then worked my way up the ranks from student worker to Administrative Assistant, and then in the Winter of 2009 I found my “home” in the Admissions Department.

What did you do before working at MSB?

I was a waitress/bartender for 10 years, for 5 of those years I also worked at a medical clinic as an Insurance Referrals Specialist.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

I LOVE helping prospective students gain the confidence to follow their dreams, and pursue their educations. I also enjoy seeing my students make new friendships and develop/grow throughout their education at MSB.

What is your role with students on campus?

I help new students throughout the entire process of admissions, financial aid, registration, and orientation. I remain available to my students even after they start taking classes; I encourage them to use me as a resource for any questions or concerns throughout their entire education with MSB.

How do you define success?

Success is to leave things a little bit better than how you found them, whether it is yourself, your family, your career; always striving to make things better is success.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy reading mystery/romance books, any kind of fishing (as long as I catch something!) and relaxing, watching movies with my husband.

What/who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my mother, she was very young when I was born, yet she still pursued her dreams of college and a medical career, I try to tell her often how much I appreciate everything she has done for me.

If you were on a sitcom or reality TV show, which would it be and why?

No reality TV for this gal, too much drama! If I were on a television show, I would want it to be Yard Crashers from the DIY network. I would love to have a crew come and help me turn my boring back yard into a paradise. Of course, I would be okay with House Crashers, or Bath Crashers too, anyone who wants to come help remodel my house or yard is welcomed, especially when they’ll incur the expenses!

What is your favorite movie?

Beaches. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at my great grandmother’s house way up north, she had two television channels and the only movie she had was Beaches. I watched it over and over. My great grandmother is no longer with us, so I enjoy watching the movie and remembering her.

What is your favorite type of music?

I am definitely a country girl. My dad always listened to country music, so when I was young I avoided it as much as possible, god forbid I ended up anything like my parents. Today, I realize it’s not so bad to be like them, they really are amazing, and so is country music.

Where can you be found on campus?

I can be found in “cube land” just a couple cubes down from Student Accounts. I try to keep my cube as fun as possible with inspirational quotes and sayings. If you are having a tough day, feel free to stop by and find some inspiration.


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